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Temperament Sorter

  The 4 Temperaments See the temperaments and consider how these relate to your research and writing process. What are your strengths for research and writing? What are your weaknesses going into a masters thesis/project? Guardian: stable, dependable, protector, staid, risk-averse Supervisor (ESTJ), Inspector (ISTJ), Provider (ESFJ). Protector (ISFJ) Guardians pride themselves on being dependable, helpful, and hard-working. … Continue reading

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Graduate Research Showcase

This year brought about greater visibility of graduate research at UWT. The mission of our past chancellor to build a community of scholars can be seen through a number of new events, including TacTalks and the Graduate Research Showcase in Fall and Spring. TacTalks Margaret Lundberg shows how a diarist create identity through community. Dan Smith … Continue reading


How do you learn best?

Most of us have preferences for how we learn. When information is delivered through modes and styles that are less comfortable, some of us can adjust to the shift rather easily while others find it more challenging. Some people experience extreme stress when content and delivery of content pushes us too far outside our comfort … Continue reading


Revisiting TIAS 502 -Culture and Public Problems

TIAS 502 Culture and Public Problems Analysis of how public problems are constructed and preferred solutions defined. Examination of how institutional, professional and political actors make claims about the nature of a problem, its causes and appropriate domains of action – e.g., medical or legal, private or public. Identify elements that informed your learning? Here are … Continue reading