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Conference Proposal Workshop

MAIS is participating in the Graduate Liberal Arts Studies Symposium for the first time this summer. To provide students support, MAIS & TLC joined forces to teach students the skill of conference proposal writing.

Riki Thompson, the Graduate Program Coordinator, kicked off the event with some background on academic conferences in general and specifically the upcoming conference.

MAIS will accept up to 8 proposals and fund 5 students to attend the conference.

Amy Whitcomb, Graduate Writing Consultant for the TLC, presented a fabulous workshop on how to write an abstract and posted the notes here for reference. Check out the full power point for notes.

Screenshot 2014-02-25 00.10.51

These are 3 approaches for getting started.

1. Go for the Jist
2. Present 1 Angle
3. Follow a Formula


Here is a template that we used during the workshop to get the ideas flowing. Plug your topic in to get your draft started.

1. Big picture
The question of xxx has been debated in xxx field(s), with scholars such as xxx and xxx arguing xxx.
2. Gap in the literature
However, these arguments have not adequately addressed the issues of xxx.
3. Your project filling the gap
My study addresses the issue of xxx with special attention to xxx.
4. The specific material that you examine in the paper
Specifically, I will examine xxx in relation to xxx to reveal the previously misunderstood connection between xxx and xxx.
5. Your argument
I argue that…
6. A strong conclusion
By examining xxx, this project clarifies the little recognized issue of xxx.

Hourglass metaphors are a good way to think about the structure of abstract.

>>>Start big
>>>Get narrow
>>>Connect own research to the big picture

Remember to…

Explicitly tell readers how your research addresses “the gap” in research.
Proofread so that grammatical issues don’t distract readers.
Tell readers why your research matters.

Visit Amy in the TLC to talk through your proposal or go over drafts.

To watch the video of this workshop, you must have a UW NetId. I may need to give you permission to watch, so be patient.


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