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Alumni Tips

Today we had our first alumni panel come to chat about their experiences in the MAIS program. Katy Anderson and Cesar Rangel shared challenges and tips!

Common Difficulties

  • Getting focused & getting the title
  • IRB takes forever!
  • Dealing with multiple languages
  • When courses don’t connect with thesis
  • Getting feedback from multiple reviewers (too many cooks in the kitchen)
  • Not clear on who to please (committee, advisers, chair, reader)
  • Need to change committee members because of difference in style/method/personality
  • When there is only one way to right, but there is no foundation on how to write it…
  • Losing faith in self & abilities
  • Doing the interdisciplinary stuff
  • Finding one’s academic voice & owning one’s research
  • Going against the grain (of academic work)
  • Managing the writing
  • Getting through all the reading
  • Synthesizing it all
  • Dealing with the logistics of managing the people, planning, and writing.
  • Trying to write one section at a time
  • Understanding methods when there are a variety of them – interdisciplinary
  • Figuring out how to organize sections, chapters, methods


  • Naps are good!
  • Don’t lose your voice!
  • Style, format, writing expectations are up to the committee
  • Know what the committee wants from you (by asking)
  • You expect the committee to be in communication, but they aren’t
  • It’s your responsibility to contact committee, make sure they are in contact
  • You must ask for help and be straight up if you are lost
  • Recognizing connections and moments when they arrive
  • Using 2 screens, laying out the work on paper
  • Keep the sections organized—messy disaster
  • Just do it—trial by fire
  • See the connections between everything
  • It’s worth finishing it because it is never a bad thing to invest in your education
  • Embrace the structure or find a way to speak within it (and not lose your voice)
  • Be respectful and listen to what your advisers say
  • You can disagree, but diplomatic about it
  • Recognize that your committee are here to support you and help you
  • Everyone will connect with different people; find your people
  • Keep asking questions
  • Don’t be “those” people
  • Take your time; don’t rush it
  • You will find a way to describe interdisciplinarity to the world (especially in terms of work)
  • Kept scraps of paper around to track thoughts: journaling, stickie notes, lots of notes
  • Identify your writing/reading spaces & where you feel most comfortable
  • Know the rituals needed for your writing process (clothes, music, food, environment, etc)
  • Keep the commitment to yourself to get it done
  • At crunch time, you have to commit to it to get it done.
  • Allow your thesis to happen, don’t fight it.



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