drafting / learning / planning

Reflecting on research process

It’s time to think about how the week went and reflect upon your process.

How did it go?

Consider your emotional state based on this Thesis Totem.
Rate your emotions from Really Grumpy to Happy with Jazz Hands!


Thesis Totem

Life happens
Unexpected feedback – puts a wrench in the system
New content/heavy content was more exhausting
Discovered that interviews & synthesis takes longer than expected
***Travel & life can get in the way
Need for particular writing spaces/rituals/habits

Connected with Committee
Networked with advisers, researchers, peers,
Solidified a committee

Writing guides
Exceeded writing goal
Schedule revising with adviser
Revise to meet new style guidelines

Discovered the framework for synthesizing annotated bibliographies
Learned some tricks for library research
Figured out about getting stuck
Combining styles & genres
Finding a conceptual shift or connections in the literature
Discovered the title

Research trip planning
IRB application accepted
Picked up the warrant
Submitted conference proposal (TacTalks)

After class, Kari sent this link that includes the Pain Chart that I was referring to when I created the Thesis Totem

patient pain chart


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