planning / whatever


Backwards planning…

Start from your endpoint, break down tasks and time frames to get work done. You also need to create checkpoints along the way, and assess your progress at each checkpoint. Sometimes you will have to make revisions to your plan–course corrects on your path.

Consider these questions for planning…

  1. When do you want to finish?
  2. What products do you need to produce (thesis, proposal, event, report, etc)?
  3. What deadlines do you need to be aware of? (dates to submit thesis)
  4. When do you need a committee in place? To start writing? Last year of program?
  5. What kind of research method will you do & how did fit with scheduling?


  1. Who will be my support network?
  2. What type of support do you need?
  3. When do I connect with support network (initially & throughout the process)?

For example…

  1. Graduation next June (4 quarters + summer=14 months)
  2. Proposal & Thesis, Warrant Application, Committee Form
  3. Thesis drafting process (how long per section for writing & revision? Approx 6 months
    For example: it usually takes about 2 weeks draft/2 weeks revision

    1. Final thesis (5 weeks) –5:00 p.m. on Thursday of the final week of the term.
    2. Complete draft  (3 weeks) – Due week 5 of the final quarter!
    3. Intro (1 month)
      (Some people do the intro last, some start with it and revise as they go)
    4. Chapter 1 (1 month)
    5. Chapter 2 (1 month)
    6. Chapter 3 (1 month)
    7. Chapter 4 (1 month)
    8. Conclusion (2 weeks)
      Chair needs final thesis 1 month before deadline
  4. Committee formed Fall 2016
  5. What is your course schedule and how does it fit in? (Combine your thesis writing with the core course assignments)
  6. How does your methodology fit in here?

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