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Backwards planning… Start from your endpoint, break down tasks and time frames to get work done. You also need to create checkpoints along the way, and assess your progress at each checkpoint. Sometimes you will have to make revisions to your plan–course corrects on your path. Consider these questions for planning… When do you want … Continue reading

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Alumni Tips

Today we had our first alumni panel come to chat about their experiences in the MAIS program. Katy Anderson and Cesar Rangel shared challenges and tips! Common Difficulties Getting focused & getting the title IRB takes forever! Dealing with multiple languages When courses don’t connect with thesis Getting feedback from multiple reviewers (too many cooks … Continue reading


Thesis & Project Q&A

General questions for class What’s the Research Proposal? What’s the page range? 15-20 pg Template (Intro, Research Questions, Methods) Section lengths can vary It is a document to show (potential) committee members that you have a project that is original (that you are contributing to the conversation), and you are ready to do the research. Are … Continue reading

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Conference Proposal Workshop

MAIS is participating in the Graduate Liberal Arts Studies Symposium for the first time this summer. To provide students support, MAIS & TLC joined forces to teach students the skill of conference proposal writing. Riki Thompson, the Graduate Program Coordinator, kicked off the event with some background on academic conferences in general and specifically the … Continue reading