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Backwards planning… Start from your endpoint, break down tasks and time frames to get work done. You also need to create checkpoints along the way, and assess your progress at each checkpoint. Sometimes you will have to make revisions to your plan–course corrects on your path. Consider these questions for planning… When do you want … Continue reading


Reflecting on Writing Process

Metacognition: Thinking about thinking.  In my own reading after class, I came upon this great definition of “metacognition” that I felt was worth sharing. Metacognition is an awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. It focuses on how people learn and process information, taking into consideration people’s awareness of how they learn. (Jennifer A. Livingston. … Continue reading


Temperament Sorter

  The 4 Temperaments See the temperaments and consider how these relate to your research and writing process. What are your strengths for research and writing? What are your weaknesses going into a masters thesis/project? Guardian: stable, dependable, protector, staid, risk-averse Supervisor (ESTJ), Inspector (ISTJ), Provider (ESFJ). Protector (ISFJ) Guardians pride themselves on being dependable, helpful, and hard-working. … Continue reading


Goals of the Capstone

TIAS 505 IAS M.A. Capstone (6)Provides an opportunity to explore the themes of the four core courses to the specific substance of the student’s master’s thesis or project. According to the MAIS website, the program is designed in such as way as the Capstone brings it all together: The graduate research and writing course introduces … Continue reading


Alumni Panel – Do what inspires you!

Jen McConnell & Alya Rea came to speak about their experiences in the MAIS program–the challenges they faced and suggestions for getting past them. Jennifer McConnell (2013) David and Goliath: Individualism and Liberty in the Italian Renaissance and the American Revolution Mike Allen (Chair), Lauren Montgomery & Matthew O’Leary Alevtina (Alya) Rea Drama of the American … Continue reading