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Spring Graduate Research Showcase

Please join us for the Spring Graduate Research Showcase ! When: Thursday, May 22nd Where: Center for the Study of Community and Society (CSCS) in TLB 3rd Floor Times Session 1: 4:30-5:40 – TacTalks  A lighting talk event showcasing UWT’s Grad Students around the theme of “Community.” Session 2: 5:30-7:00 – MAIS Research Exhibition Students in the IAS Masters program … Continue reading

drafting / reading / writing

Synthesizing sources

syn·the·size verb \-ˌsīz\ : to make (something) by combining different things : to combine (things) in order to make something new : to make (something) from simpler substances through a chemical process Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Think about the literature review as the start of synthesizing a new ice cream form… Starting with three distinct flavors– like … Continue reading